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Related post: Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 20:52:46 -0700 (PDT) From: Fred Gingerman Subject: Rebuilding -- transgenderRebuilding by Gingerfred ManChapter One -- Bad to the Boner?My birth certificate tells a preteens gallerie lot about me. Carl Hughes, born on June 12, 1986 in Crabbe, Maryland. Mother, Mary Grace Hughes, DOB April 8, 1970, maiden name, Hughes. Father, unknown.My Mom was 16 and already paying a big price for indiscretion, actually, multiple indiscretions, when I was born. Until Matt McKenna came along, I made her pay a bit more every day.Mom tried to be a good mother, but she had too many strikes against her. My grandparents weren't very supportive. They let us live with them until Mom was 18, then they told her we were on our own.Mom managed to get jobs and babysitters and, although we lived frugally, we got by. A typical American story these days, I guess. What made this different was my attitude. And what McKenna did about it.Some warm-hearted stories tell about a single mother's child who pitches in and helps make his mother happy.Not me.I was rotten.At first I was bratty and disobedient. As I reached my teens, I began to bully and terrorize my mother to the point where russian google preteen she was afraid of me. I ran around all hours, was a frequent truant from school, stole from my mother and, in my crowning achievement, at 14, joined a street gang.My mother, who except for me, had straightened her life out, was miserable. And I made her that way.Why did I do that? Mostly because I could. Mom was very pretty and intelligent, but she was weak-willed and racked with guilt over the circumstances of my birth.She cried a lot and I didn't care. Well, maybe I cared a little, but I wasn't about to let her know that. There was power involved. The power to do what I wanted when I wanted it.I was heavily into alcohol, drinking regularly with my fellow Rhodes-scholar-candidates in the gang. We didn't rob liquor stores or anything, but we threatened old people and took money from the kids who would have been our classmates, if we had gone to class.Sometimes we beat them up. Especially if they were sissies, like that Eric Sullivan. Even though we had roughed him up and taken his lunch money a jillion times, he continued to walk past our street corner. Almost as if he wanted us to work him over. Eric was obviously a faggot. Too pretty for his own good and he wouldn't fight back. He had these sad eyes that he would turn on me, just me, when we were hitting him. Creepy.Since I angels preteen sex was a potential felon, the girls were, of course, very interested in me. That was flattering, but at 14, I hadn't really gotten into girls.I was too busy being bad.Chapter Two -- Matt McKennaTo say that meeting Matt McKenna changed my life would be like saying that Laurel's life was changed by meeting Hardy.Matt rebuilt me. But the day I met him, I was wishing I had a baseball bat to apply xxx teens preteens to his head.My boys and I were skipping school, of course, and to get a couple of bottles of Pagan Pink Ripple, we decided to "request" the money of a few kids. Most paid willingly, but some required pounding. The ones who didn't have money deserved pounding too. I was beating on a fourth-grader who was holding out on me. The little faggot was crying so loudly that I didn't hear the approach of someone who took a dim view of my activities.I looked up and saw a huge, six-foot-four (eight inches taller than my five-eight) pedo preteen video cop in full uniform. His nametag said McKenna and he was frowning. models preteens boys The pig had a grip on my arm and before I knew it, he threw me into the back of his police car and hauled me to the precinct.I was scared; I'll admit it. My first arrest, and I was sniffling a little as I sat in a holding cell. Maybe I wasn't so tough.But I was unrepentant too. It really wasn't my fault that I got arrested. If the little faggot I was beating on hadn't cried so much, I would have heard the pig approaching. So it was the little faggot's fault. He would pay when I got out.The cops let me sit there for several hours. When the cell door swung open, I saw that McKenna cop who arrested me walk in preteen model rompl with my Mom. Mom looked sad as always, but I saw something else in her eyes that I hadn't seen in a long time.Hope.Where did that come from?Pig McKenna and Mom were acting like old friends or something. Was that why I was in stir for so long? So they could get acquainted? What bullshit.McKenna got into our car with Mom and me and that really pissed me off.I was sullen and silent on the way home, but when McKenna walked Mom and me into the house, and looked as if he would stay a while, I blew up."What the fuck are you doing letting this pig in our house, you bitch?" I screamed.As the last words left my mouth, I felt something entirely new. A hard slap across my face. It stung like fire! Was this what those little faggots felt when we roughed them up? No wonder they cried.That McKenna prick had slapped me! He couldn't do that. I was a minor. My Mom would sue.That didn't appear likely, though. Mom had the biggest smile I had ever seen on her face.McKenna had his meaty hand around my skinny bicep and was shaking a finger in my face. "Don't you ever disrespect your mother like that again, do you hear me, Carl?"I knew it was going to go badly for me, but my macho pride permitted only one response, "Fuck you, pig!"Looking back on it, I was a bit lacking in common sense my lovely preteens in those days.My mother watched intently as McKenna moved at lightning speed. He stripped my clothes off, socks, underwear and all. I was completely naked and powerless as McKenna dragged me to a hard chair. He sat and flung me, face down across his lap. In the next few moments, I received the first real discipline of my life.McKenna gave me a humiliating, painful, naked spanking. It wasn't cruel or brutal. But very thorough nasty preteen girl and very attention-getting.I cried and begged Mom, not McKenna, for mercy. I made tearful eye contact with Mom and she wavered. I was still her baby and she didn't want me to suffer. But Mom knew something important was happening and she didn't want to derail it.McKenna gave my ass what I know now it deserved. Then he stood me up, marched me to a corner and told me to stand there for two hours, until he released me.I was sniffling and sobbing. Being naked was humiliating. So why did I have a big erection? I hated that prick McKenna. But he was so powerful. And I was under his power.I could have disobeyed the order to stand naked in the corner. But if I stayed in the house, McKenna would spank me again. If I left the house, where would I go naked? I would just wait until that prick went home and give Mom a lifetime of payback shit for my humiliation.Looking at the wall, I didn't know where Mom and McKenna went. I listened intently, but heard nothing. Had they left?Taking a huge chance, I left the corner and snooped around the house. They were nowhere downstairs. I sneaked preteen horny boys upstairs, moving closer to the closed door of Mom's bedroom. Listening carefully, I heard...little grunts, squeals and moans.Oh, please no. McKenna and Mom were...fucking?!?!Mom was consorting with my deadly enemy. I was stunned. And then, inexplicably, I began to cry.Mom was happy that I was slapped and spanked. She was turned on by seeing me punished.I was hurt, but then I fell back on my more familiar emotion -- anger. Mom was going to pay for this, I said, as my enemies list expanded yet again.Blinded by emotions I hardly understood, I returned to my punishment corner.Chapter Three -- New RulesPrecisely on schedule, McKenna and Mom came downstairs and released me from the corner. I was only half-surprised when McKenna said he was staying the night. What happened next was a stunner, however.McKenna and Mom sat in chairs, facing me. I stood naked before them. My cock was at half stand, adding to my humiliation."Carl," McKenna said, "Your mother and I agree that you need rebuilding. You've never had a strong male influence in your life. You've never had any discipline. That part of your life is over. Beginning today, you'll be respectful to your mother, stop drinking, quit your gang, attend school every day, get good grades, respect others and respect yourself. I'll be living here from now on to make sure you do that. Any questions?"I wanted to use that "Fuck you" line again, but it didn't seem to be working. Surely he didn't expect... I said nothing."I'll take silence as assent," McKenna said. "There will be real rewards for good behavior and lots of punishment for bad preteen spread pussy behavior. We're going to get that wildness out of you and make you into the good person that's in there somewhere."Fat chance, I thought.McKenna reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, pink garment. "Here's how we'll start. Put these pink panties on and wear them every day, washing them out at night. They'll abate your wildness somewhat."Panties!!!!!! I couldn't do that. But my sore ass couldn't take another spanking either. Was McKenna some sicko?At least they would cover up my half-woodie. I stepped into them and thought about climbing out my window to join my buds later for some wine. But, whoa. What a feeling those silky teasers gave my cock and balls. The half woodie became a full Woodrow. Mom and McKenna noticed. What was happening to me?I was hoping that I would be released from this crazy cop soon, but he wasn't done with preteenage pussy gallery me yet."Come over here, Carl," he said. "There's one more thing we'll do to take the wildness out of you. A young boy like you needs a lot of milking. If you keep all that goo inside, you're much more likely to be unruly. Now pull your panties down to mid-thigh."I was quivering. Not only was McKenna reddening my ass, he was playing with my mind too. But I was trapped. And a little excited. What was he going to do?I pulled my panties down and my very stiff, four-inch meat protruded above my dangling, wrinkled bag. It was humiliating standing in front of my Mom like that. I began to wonder if I would be able to push her around again after all that.Then I found out what milking was.Really found out.McKenna placed his huge, but soft and skilled hand on my cock. No one had ever touched it before. And McKenna knew what to do with a cock.Oh, Baby. I had never masturbated and never orgasmed, so I was totally unprepared for the feelings McKenna was giving me. He was working my foreskin up and down with his right hand as he cuddled preteen ped love my balls with his left hand. I was on sensory Everest. If he kept doing that, something gooey was going to happen. It preteen model lovely didn't make up for the spanking and slap, but McKenna had mitigated my bitterness toward him a bit with his preteen gallery japan world-class wanking. Sooner, not later, I was gasping and my balls clutched. I felt a big stomach cramp of pleasure and, wham, my nuts exploded with boyish cream. Big globs spurted from my cock and landed on the carpeted floor.So that was what it felt like! I liked it. But I still hated McKenna and wanted him bbs preteen link gone.No such luck. Without comment, he told me to pull my panties up. Then he walked me upstairs to my room and produced another surprise -- a white nightie."Put this on, brush your teeth, use the toilet and go to sleep. I'll wake you for school."Again, I had little choice. For then. I put the nightie on and went into the bathroom. Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, I saw a sissyish boy in a girl's nightgown. The kind of faggot I routinely beat up. Was that who McKenna thought he was going to make me into? No way.McKenna was waiting for me when I came back to my bedroom. He pulled the covers back. When I got between the sheets, McKenna reached under my nightie with both hands. What was he doing? Grabbing my panties by the hips, he removed them."You don't wear panties to bed, Carl."Oh.McKenna young preteen kid tucked me in. Tucked me in! Then he kissed me on the forehead and said, "Good night, Carl. You're going to be really happy for the first time in your life."Fat chance of that, I thought. But it was nice to be tucked in. Kissed too, I guessed. And milked. Still, McKenna was nuts if he thought I arab preteen sex would do half of what he wanted. I could have gotten up right then, climbed out the window and joined my gang for a night of doing what I liked. But then I would have had to get back into bed without being tucked in. I decided to stay and go to sleep. My choice, not McKenna's.As I drifted off to sleep, I could hear Mom and McKenna going at it in the bedroom next door.I wondered if he would do that milking thing again the next day. Not that I cared.Chapter Four -- Back to SchoolUsually I got up around eleven and staggered into the bathroom to take some aspirins for my daily hangover. That morning, I was awakened at 6:45 by the delicious feel of a strong hand rubbing up and down my cock.McKenna was fully dressed and sitting on the side of my bed. He had pulled back the covers and lifted my nightie. His hand felt incredible. It was so strong and masterful and his strokes were driving me crazy with pleasure. I tried porn preteen japaness not to give the prick the satisfaction of knowing what he was doing to me, but I guess my arched back and little grunts of pleasure gave me away. That and the massive blasts of cum that arched from my little penis and flooded my stomach. Rather than stop when the last glob of my goo drooled out, McKenna wet his hand with my boy's cream and massaged it into my dangling balls. Oh! That was incredible. In a few, brief moments, I was hard and panting once again. I was so ashamed at my enjoyment that I didn't want to look at McKenna, but I sneaked a peek. The SOB was smiling at me. It was so humiliating. And intensely erotic. That man knew how to rub sticky cream around a boy's nut bag all right. I closed my eyes and gave into the sensations for several wonderful minutes until, oh, oh, I began helplessly ejaculating once again.Thick ropes of goo exploded from my pink bag as I soaked McKenna's hand and my nightie. When I was finished, as he had the previous night, McKenna kissed my forehead, leaving me dazed and confused.He got up and said, "I've laid out your clothes, Carl. Get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast. Then I'll drive you to school."Dressed? In those khakis and polo shirt? And panties? Not my gang colors?Breakfast? I usually had a cigarette and some Mad Dog 20-20.School? I didn't go to school, except for the odd cameo appearance to show off how bad I was.Was McKenna serious?He was. Everything happened as he predicted, including scrambled eggs and toast, with incredulous looks directed at McKenna and me by my mother.I was even wearing the panties. When he pulled my pants down to check whether I was wearing them, I was secretly hoping that he was going to wank me again. No such luck that time.What was happening to me?Whatever it was, I was resolved that it was only temporary.McKenna would dump my mother like men always do and I would be back to my old life, terrorizing the weak and innocent, including Mom.A part of me hoped that some time would pass before that happened though.Mom and I looked at each other somewhat strangely that morning. She looked better than I had ever seen her. She had the glow that only the freshly fucked have, but there was more. Instead of the usual pants and polo shirt, Mom was wearing a skirt and heels. She had taken some time with her make-up and she looked very pretty.Was McKenna controlling her too?McKenna drove me to school. The conversation consisted of him asking me about my likes and dislikes in food, music and books. I told him I liked anything deep-fried, metal rock and videos.A strange guy. He actually seemed to care. Too bad he was candid preteen art gay and an asshole. But he was fucking Mom, so how gay could he be?"Meet me here at 3, Carl," he said. He clearly expected to be obeyed. I was terrified that he would try to kiss my forehead again, right there with people walking by, but he didn't. Whew!My panties caressed my cock and balls as I walked into the school. They felt wonderful. The danger of being discovered in them added to my excitement.Unbeknownst to me, McKenna went to see the principal and explained that he, as a friend of my mother and a police officer, had taken an interest in me. I would be attending school regularly now, McKenna told the principal, and he asked his help in getting me up to speed. He also asked that any reports of my bad behavior be directed to McKenna. The principal was more than willing to comply.So, of course, I slipped back into character and acted up in all six of my classes.When I got into the car with McKenna at 3, I had no idea that he had received six bad reports about my behavior. His demeanor was acidic, when I looked at him. I'll be honest. He scared me."I've spoken to preteen europe pussy all your teachers, Carl. What made you think you could get away with that?"I was quiet. The real answer was that I thought I could get away with it because I always had.I was trembling when we got into the house.McKenna sat and said, "Strip to your panties, Carl."Oh. This was not good."You'll fight me, but you won't win, Carl," McKenna said firmly. "If you cooperate, you'll be very, very happy. I guarantee it."Yeah, right.I tensed for the ass beating I knew was coming. But it didn't. Instead, McKenna said, "Only panties for you today, Missy. Now go do your homework. And no milkings. You don't deserve it."No milkings? But... And walking around in just panties. I would rather be spanked. But that was not an option.I went to my room and actually did some homework. The first in many years. It wasn't difficult since I was very bright. But it was giving in.To be honest, I wanted those milkings.When Mom got home, she and McKenna kissed and preteen pic top hugged like newlyweds. She had freshened her make-up on the way home and looked even better than she had that morning.Mom was amused to see me just in panties and I actually gave her a couple of straight answers at dinner when she asked about my day.I wanted those milkings.I also wanted to go out and cat around a bit, but when I went to my room after I helped (yuck) clean the dishes, I discovered that McKenna had padlocked my closets. It appeared that he was going to control what I wore. And what I was wearing at that moment was panties. Bored, I decided to watch TV. But I couldn't find the remote. Then I discovered why. The TV was gone!What?McKenna said, "No more TV. We have better things to do now. Like reading. And talking to each other. And homework.Aggghhh! No TV? No video games? Reading?Damned if McKenna didn't ask me at that point to join him and Mom for milk and cookies. Milk and fucking cookies. Was I in a "Leave it to Beaver" episode? No. Beaver didn't wear just panties. Although he would have been very cute in them, don't you think?At around 10 o'clock, McKenna said it was bedtime. He took me upstairs and supervised me getting in my nightie, complete with removal of my panties. Then he unveiled another surprise. He sat me on my bed, then sat in a hard chair across from me. He lifted his foot onto my lap, then began to cut my long toenails. What the fuck? Then he used a series of nail files to shape my nails until they were neat and pretty. Finally, and this was the killer, he painted my toenails with a deep, red polish. It was so weird, so gay! But I was fascinated by its intimacy. When he was finished and the nails were dry, he removed the little cottonballs he had placed between my toes.I was humiliated by the process, but my cock was stiff as a fine for driving 100 in a school zone. I couldn't help looking at my toes and wiggling them a little. McKenna put his pedicure equipment away, then pulled back my sheets. He said he wouldn't milk me because I had been bad, but I had been "good" all evening. So would he... Oh, no! True to his word, he didn't milk me, but what he did... Oh, my!McKenna sat at the end of my bed and kissed each one of my toes. I arched my back and moaned with pleasure. Then he licked between each toe. I did something I don't think I had ever done. I squealed. Softly, but it was definitely a squeal. What was happening to me? When he began to suck each toe individually, I lost it. I began to cum, hard and wrenching. Glob after glob of sticky, boyish cream, into my nightie and all over my stomach. McKenna sucked each toe until I was shuddering helplessly, then tucked me in, kissed me on the forehead and both cheeks, turned out the lights and left.For some reason, I sighed contentedly and went right to sleep.The next morning at 6:45, I felt the heavenly attentions of McKenna's hand on my cock. Apparently my no-milking punishment was over. Unlike the previous day, McKenna talked to me as he was milking me. "Do you like being touched there, Carl?" he asked, as he rubbed a calloused finger gently along the arrow-like underside of my cock. I could only gasp and nod, as pleasure held me in its grip. "Are you going to behave at preteen pedofile sex school today? Is the milking taking the wildness out of you?"I was helplessly squealing once again as a tornado of sperm evacuated my body. As the third of six jets poured out, McKenna kissed my lips. He held the kiss very briefly, but it was very intimate. I didn't kiss him back. But I wanted to.What the fuck was wrong with me?He departed without a word, leaving me to clean up and put on all those "Gap" clothes and panties he left for me. I looked at my painted toes as I put on my socks and shuddered as I thought about what would happen to me if anyone saw them.It was another normal breakfast, except for Mom staring at me as if I were an alien. She had changed so much in such a short time. She was sitting across from me in a pink, very short nightie, showing lots of cleavage. And unless I missed my guess, that wetness on the inside of her thighs I saw when she picked up my plate was McKenna's cum drooling from her. And she wasn't self-conscious in the least.McKenna told her what to wear and do and how to act and that made her very happy.I would never get that way, that submissive and dependent, I vowed.McKenna took me to school again. As we drove, I had to ask. "Don't you ever work?"He smiled. "My father left me a comfortable inheritance. I was only being a cop because I liked it. I can see that taking care of you and your Mom is my true calling. So I resigned from the force. I'll be giving you and Mary Grace my full attention.I was doomed! McKenna was going to be around all the time. No drinking or gang-banging. School. Homework. No TV. Leave it to fucking beaver.But there were those milkings. And the kissing was pretty nice too. And the toe-sucking. And the tucking-in. And I had to admit, I almost enjoyed seeing my Mom happy.At school that day, I behaved. And I may have actually learned things.I was mostly shunned by the other kids, though. The bad guys wanted no part of me since I appeared to have gone straight. And the good kids were still afraid of me. Except for Eric Sullivan, whom we used to beat up every day.Eric sat with me at lunch. Just the two of us. I should have chased the little faggot away, but I was lonely, I guess.He didn't ask me why I looked like somebody on "Saved by the Bell." He just sat across from me and ate his lunch. It was a little creepy.When McKenna picked me up that afternoon, he was glowing. My teachers had given me four-star ratings in deportment and attention. McKenna was feeling pretty good about himself and I was in a hurry to get home and get a nice milking reward.Instead, he took me to a ladies-intimate-apparel shop for the first of many such humiliations. The two of us were the only men in the store. We shopped for and purchased tons of panties, stockings, garter belts, bras, camisoles, and nighties. McKenna didn't hold his voice down and he insisted that I try everything except the stockings on. I felt the stares of the female customers and the salesladies. My face burned hot with shame and something else -- excitement. I was stiff and sore the whole time we were in the store and my balls were blue with need.McKenna addressed that need in the worst possible way. Right there in the store, he pulled my pants down to my knees, then my panties down. It was humiliating and ladies were staring at us. McKenna said, loudly, "I know, Sweetie. Sissies get overexcited when they see so many girlie things. Let me help you."About ten lady customers and sales girls watched as McKenna stroked my cock and said really humiliating things like, "It's OK, Sweetheart. We'll get you into your frillies as soon as we get home. I know you're excited."Ladies were tut-tutting and saying things like, "What a simpering little sissy" and "She's lucky to have a Daddy who milks her and buys her lingerie. My husband would just spank her bottom three or four times a day and then make her suck his cock." Another said, "She's kind of pretty though, and listen to her moan as her Daddy milks her. I'll bet she's hot in bed."Oh. The humiliation was exquisite. And so was my gasping, screaming orgasm. The ladies oohed and aahed as I spurted furiously into McKenna's hand, then obediently licked it off his fingers.When I got my pants back on and the crowd broke up, a matronly looking lady approached us."I'm Mrs. Bailey, the shop owner. And you?""I'm Matt and this is Carl.""Pleased to meet you," she said. "I want to welcome you to our store and invite you back any time. We have many sissies here with their Daddies, but few have the courage to milk and be milked in public. It increases my business quite a bit."McKenna thanked her. My cheeks blazed with shame.Mrs. Bailey swedish preteen camp added, "I have a great deal of experience with sissies and would be happy to assist you in any way, including milking the little creampuff myself."Her eyes were on fire as I dared look into them. Would she...milk me too?Not then. "Thank you, Mrs. Bailey," McKenna said. "Not today. I have to get her home for a proper session. But certainly on future visits."We were coming back? Ohhhhhh.Mrs. Bailey smiled. "I'll be happy to share what I know about diaper discipline too. Resistant sissies react to it very well. Their eyes ignite when they let their golden liquid drench their nappies. It makes them very docile when their daddies clean them, powder them and give them a clean diaper. Some wet the new one right away, just to feel their daddy's loving attentions again.""I'll keep that in mind," McKenna said. But he wouldn't, right?When we got home and brought our purchases in the door, I needed no order from McKenna to strip to my panties. I tore my clothes off and joined a fully clothed McKenna on the sofa.Instead of sitting next to him, I sat on his lap, feeling a bulge against my bottom. He kissed me deeply and inserted his tongue into my mouth. Ohhhhhh. My cock was in flames when he reached into my panties and drew it out. It was so gooey with the excitement of the afternoon that it stuck a little and McKenna had to give it a gentle tug to free willy.We kissed like starving wolves and two rubs of my cock was all it took to send my spunk airborne. I cried out!McKenna said, "That's OK, Baby. Let it go. Let it go for Daddy."Daddy? He wasn't my Daddy. But he sure could make me cum. And cum and cum. I was in paradise as I let thick globs of my boyish goo fly through the air. But all I could think of was "more."I was frantic for another orgasm, but I wanted more than that. Without an invitation, I unzipped McKenna's pants, reached in, and extracted a Guinness-worthy monster. Big, red, stiff, with a pink, drooling head. I gasped when I saw it, then again when I looked into McKenna's eyes and saw lust. For me.I kissed him again and stroked his cock with my small hand. The whole thing was so unlike me. It was so faggoty and I was being such a girl, instead of the bad boy stud that I knew was my real persona. Or was it? I didn't care. All I knew was that I was frantic with lust. I licked McKenna's tongue as I circled preteen nud tgp his huge cockhead with my hand and skinned it slowly."Just stroke Daddy's cockhead, Sweetie. That's so good. You're Daddy's sweet girl."No I wasn't. I decided to just ignore that and preteen custom shoots just pull his tight foreskin back until I could...oh. The goo was oozing from his peehole lips and drooling down both sides of his monster. Looking at it was hypnotizing me. Must...look...away.I closed my eyes and reveled in the sensations of his hand on my cock and mine on his. Oh. It was wonderful. For a fleeting instant I wondered what would happen to me if the kids at school or my street corner saw me. Then I was so caught up in my sexual agony that I didn't care.McKenna and I were both breathing heavily and I knew we were close. I kissed him harder, drinking in the smell of his aftershave, feeling his rough beard on my soft skin. He was so manly and I wasn't. He referred to himself as my Daddy and amateur preteens girls me as his girl. Neither was true, dear reader. But what if it were? That did it; I made a disgusting little girlish squeal and evacuated my nuts. Hard.I was shaking and shaken by the force of my orgasm, then delighted that I had imparted the same pleasure to McKenna, whose cock looked like one of those geysers in Yellowstone. His manly juice preteen anime girl leaped straight up, flared out, and landed on my bare nipples, chin, and lips. Instead of being disgusted, I secretly licked it off my lips. It was creamy and delicious, though a little salty. I wanted more, but McKenna kissed me sweetly, handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed in the clothes he left for me, then do my homework. For once in my life, the rewards for doing the right thing models preteen cp seemed worthwhile.The clothes on the bed were another surprise. A light, unisex, pullover sweater. Short, though-not-mini, skirt. Lacy white training bra. Skimpy, see-through, white panties, white, pull-up, sheer stockings. Mary Janes with an inch-and-a-half-inch heel.What was happening to me?Chapter Five -- Settling in and downMcKenna wanted me to wear a full set of girl's clothes. Not just a nightie or panties. And for some reason I wanted to wear them too. To please McKenna? To please Mom? Or to please myself? Regardless, I put my stockings on first and if it wasn't already a red-letter day in my life, that turned it crimson. How do women wear those things without cumming constantly? They made my legs look fantastic and they were cool and sexy. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror McKenna sexy preteen ******** had installed in preteen mpdel top my room. What a sissy I was. Panties. Stockings. Still a boy's face and hair, but they could be upgraded. Did I say upgraded?I stepped into my Mary Janes and got the hang of walking in heels. Then I looked in the mirror again and saw a boy who could be pretty, with nice legs, a plump, pink bottom sticking out invitingly, and a full, quivering erection. I looked at myself and held my arm against my nipples, pretending I was covering breasts. That made me look even more girlish. Or so my cock thought when it began to make cummy fireworks for the third time that afternoon.Oh, Baby. When was my next milking? Bedtime? Maybe if I finished getting dressed really pretty and went down stairs, Daddy, I mean McKenna, would milk me again. But he had told me to get dressed, then do my homework. I decided to stick with McKenna's program.I did spend another half hour or so admiring myself as I added each item of clothing. Then I did my homework like a good girl, I mean boy.At 6, Mom got home from work. McKenna called me downstairs and I descended the staircase slowly.Mom was sitting on McKenna's lap kissing him preteen nudist samples hotly. He had his hand up her short skirt and was making her squirm. She was this whole, sexual person and I had no idea until McKenna came into our lives.Mom and McKenna stopped when they saw me, but Mom stayed on McKenna's lap. From their reactions, I know they were both very pleased. I liked that. For the first time in my life, I was interested in pleasing someone other than myself.Mom got up and wiggled over on her big heels to hug and kiss me. I liked that too."I heard you had a good day in school today," she said. "I'm so proud of you, Caroline."Caroline?Caroline?Hmmmm.McKenna hugged and kissed me too and said. "Caroline and I went lingerie shopping today and we bought tons of pretty things for her. Then we came home and she was so excited that I milked her twice. And guess what, Mary Grace. Caroline French-kissed me and stroked me to a really nice cum."Was he crazy? Mom would throw him out! She can't! I want to go with him if he goes.But that wasn't what happened at all.Mom glowed. "That's so wonderful, Caroline! I'm very happy that you're showing proper affection for your new Daddy and the effort he's putting into rebuilding you."Huh?Apparently Mom and McKenna had this all worked out. Mom was being incredibly practical. She realized that she was far ahead of where she had been two days earlier and she was willing to accept a little competition from a sissy son, as long as she got the majority of McKenna's attention and sperm.Wow. I gained new respect for Mom. But in some ways, she was a rival.Vaguely it registered that they were turning me into a girl, but that seemed pretty far down on my list of concerns at that moment. In fact, it had all been pretty good thus far.Caroline? Hmmm.We had a nice dinner of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, creamed corn and apple pie, then Mom took me upstairs and gave me my first make-up lesson. She added a barrette to my hair and I looked awfully pretty, if I do say so. I was so pretty that my cock was hard again, a fairly common occurrence at that point in my life.Mom admired and praised my beauty. She noticed my woodie and, instead of ignoring it, she said, "I've enjoyed the last hour with you more than any in the last five years. I love you, Caroline, dear."I hugged Mom russian incest preteens and tears came to my eyes. All my sins and nastiness overwhelmed me and I began to sob. Mom held me for a long time, then said, "It's going to be all right now, Honey. Daddy said I should help milk you when you need it. Now let me relieve that painful stiffness in your panties."Mom reached into my panties and gave me a very nice handjob. It had been a while for Mom, but she had gotten pregnant at 16, remember? So she knew a thing or two. My face was hot with shame to think that my Mom was masturbating me. but she was so darned good at it that I moaned and spasmed all over her pretty hand.I hugged and kissed Mom, then wiped preteen underage cute my eyes. She left and McKenna appeared a few minutes later. He hugged me and said that he loved the way I was acting with Mom. Then he said he had to give me a vitamin shot.He pulled down my panties and had me bend over. I was so hard I could have poked holes in a car door. The needle only pricked a little. Wasn't it nice that he cared so much about my health?Then he took care of my other needs.I stood up straight, turned and looked at McKenna. My panties were down to my knees and my erection was tenting my skirt. McKenna was looking at me like a kid looks at the two-wheeler under the Christmas tree. He kissed me deeply, with lots of tongue. I was panting and hot as the inside of a microwaved burrito. He pulled his shirt off, then his pants, as he motioned for me to take my top off. Somehow we made it to the bed and flopped on our backs.We kissed hard, then soft. I rubbed my little wienie against his big boy, mixing our dripping goo. We entwined arms and legs, prisoners of a passion I could barely understand, but was desperate to enjoy. Five frantic, wonderful minutes later, my stomach clutched, my balls boiled and I screamed like a little girl. I blasted hot, sticky cum all over McKenna's privates, then shuddered through the aftershocks. McKenna cupped my bottom in his hands, groaned and spermed my privates with the full contents of his heavy balls.I was in sexual paradise and all we had done was kiss and fondle. Imagine all that lay before me.One such little item popped up soon. Having just spurted my goo, my little nipples were still hard and sensitive. I didn't know that, but McKenna did.He stroked my cummy balls and cock with his right hand, then assaulted my right nipple with his lips and tongue. What the...? That was INTENSE!!!! I whimpered in sexual surrender and delicious agony until my balls blasted yet again.McKenna kissed me and helped me into my nightie for bed. He cleaned me up with a face cloth, dried me off and tucked me in. Mom came in and double-tucked preteen pics chat me. I had empty balls and two people who loved me. preteen nonude modles How bad could life be?The next day at school, I got a bit of a surprise in English class after lunch. McKenna had obviously told my teacher, Mr.Benson, something, because he stared at me oddly all during class.My next period was a study hall and Benson had a free period. He asked me to stay after.That wasn't good. I didn't want to get in trouble and miss more McKenna milkings.I had that situation completely misdiagnosed."It's good to see you back in school, Carl," Benson said.Playing along, I said, "Thank you sir.""It's nearly one-thirty. You haven't been milked in hours. How are you holding up?"Uh-oh. How?...McKenna."Fine, sir," I said. "May I go now?" Although a milking didn't sound half bad at that point.Benson made nude pictures preteen his move. "Come sit on my lap, Carl, and we'll milk each other."I gulped. Could have just bolted and run. Could have lied. But, truth be told, the thought of getting my rocks off sitting on that handsome man's lap sounded very good.Submissively, I sat.Benson surprised me by holding me close to him and kissing me very softly on the lips. It was very nice. Then he said, "Let me see your panties now, Sweetheart."Geez! How much did McKenna tell him?Benson said, "Matt McKenna and I were college roommates. Now let's see those panties."Gulp.I pulled my pants down and my cock was tenting my silky, pink teasers most stiffly. If I didn't like all this sexual attention from men, why was my cock always threatening to poke a second belly button in me?Benson said, "Those are very pretty panties, Baby. Do you like to wear pretty panties?"He rubbed my cock through the silky material and I was in major distress.I whimpered out a "Yes!""That's very good, Honey. Would you like to see my cock?"I nodded. He stopped stroking me and waited. Getting the hint, I extracted his cock from his pants and began to stroke the dark shaft. It was a very thin, long cock, with a prominent blue vein along the left side. He pulled my panties to my ankles and praised my little sissy stiffie."It's so cute. And your little ball bag is too. Do you like to cum?"I nodded and began to stroke his cockhead with a purpose."You can only cum when I tell you, understand?"I nodded, and continued to tickle his peehole with my fingertips.He was almost as masterful as McKenna.The dirtiness of being jacked off by a boy student in his own classroom, combined with the warmth and friction of my soft hand brought Benson to ecstasy rather quickly. He shuddered and shot thick globs of cum across the on top of his desk.When his breathing returned to normal. He ordered me to lean over his desk and lick his cum off it. He was serious. It was so dirty that I almost came as the last word left his mouth.I hopped off his lap, leaned over Benson's desk, and lapped up his copious goo. It was very tasty and I really enjoyed what Benson was doing to me as I did so. He reached between my legs and was stroking my bare thigh with one hand and pretty preteen pics my cock with the other. As I licked up Benson's last, gooey drop, I felt that good thing rounding third and heading for home. I looked over my shoulder at Benson, need in my eyes."Do you want to cum, Carl?"I whimpered."Then ask.""Please Mr. Benson. May I cum.""On the desk, then lick it up. Must be tidy. Cum, now"Good gravy!!!!! Cumming with permission was incredible. Benson milked my balls as my guts emptied on his desk. I sobbed from the raw pleasure. Then I licked it all up.It sure beat study hall.The next three weeks were wonderful.Somewhere along the line I began to call McKenna "Daddy." It just seemed right. He took such an interest in me. We cared for each other way beyond the sexual. Although that was very nice.I was doing great in school, even though that Eric Sullivan nerd was my only friend. And Mr. Benson of course. Eric and I didn't talk very much about anything important, but he was consistently nice to me when others weren't. The other kids didn't know what to make of me. Here I was, this gangbanger turned into Greg Effing Brady, becoming more and more effeminate as time went by.School was only bad because I had to dress and act like a boy, although I don't think I was doing much of an acting job. And the school clothes Daddy laid out for me every day were more and more effeminate. One day I actually wore a pair of khaki shorts with suspenders, knee socks, penny loafers and a purple, blouse-like shirt. My cockhead was purple from all rusian preteen sex the looks I got from some of the boys and most of the men teachers. A man knows a sissy when he sees one. And he wants that sissy to belong to him.Mr. Benson was still sampling my goodies every day after his class, but he didn't kiss and tell. I think. Anyway, I needed that milking at that time of day. I mean, sissies have needs too.I wanted to get my ears pierced and my fingernails done. I wanted my eyebrows shaped and my growing hair styled. I wanted to be pretty for Daddy.Those vitamin shots he gave me every day were helping too. I felt great, except that my nipples were itching a little and seemed to be puffing up. Maybe that was because of all the sweet attention Daddy was giving them.McKenna and Mom were rebuilding me into a pretty, sexy, young hot preteens naked lady. Who happened to adore being milked by my sort-of stepfather. And milking him back.Whenever I was home, I had my make-up and my painted toesies. My lingerie and pretty clothes. My bigger and bigger heels -- up to five inches.And I had Daddy.So did Mom. She was as happy as preteen young sluts any woman I had ever seen, even though she seemed to have submitted completely to Daddy. She dressed sexy for him and waited on him. She let him parent me. She and Daddy were very affectionate to each other in front of me and for ten or eleven hours every night, they made loud, passionate love, interrupted now and then by sleep.The rest of the day, whenever I was home, I would tease Daddy a lot. Wiggling my bottom. Showing my panties. He loved it. He would grab me, relieve me of my panties, then kiss and wank me into a coma. I LOVED stroking his big meat too. He seemed to enjoy it so much and I loved when I could secretly taste his delicious balljuice.Sometimes I would use the direct approach. I would appear in just my panties, sissy over to Daddy and sit on his lumpy lap. Even if Mom were there, I would melt into Daddy's big chest, surrendering to him completely as we pleasured each other. Mom was so happy, she didn't mind sharing Daddy in the least.On weekends, we would all spend at least one day shopping for clothes and lingerie for Mom and me. Mom and I were finally getting close, and it took Daddy to bring us together. No wonder we both loved him so.Sometimes when Daddy went off to run an errand or something, I would tell Mom I was painfully stiff and she would milk me. I was such a little tramp.Daddy was awful though. He would embarrass me every time we shopped. Talking loudly to let everyone know the clothes were for me. Then insisting I try them on.I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when Daddy and Mom insisted one Saturday that I go out shopping with them dressed as exclusive nude preteen a girl. I was terrified! And they wanted to go to the local mall, which was filled with people we knew."I guess you'd better pretty up so no one knows your little secret, Sweetie," Daddy said.I took his challenge, but I was still girls underwear preteen trembling when I walked downstairs to an appreciative audience of Mom and Daddy.Daddy whistled! Mom applauded. I had sissied up my hair and make-up to the max. My long legs were delicious in my black stockings and firmed up by my five-inch stiletto slingbacks. I was wearing a 13-inch mini and a white ribbed top."If you walked around like that by yourself," Daddy said, "You'd never leave the mall with your virginity."I blushed at Daddy's compliment. It was true about my virginity. Daddy and I had only kissed and fondled. But I didn't have a pussy, so wouldn't I always be a virgin?I was still very nervous when we entered the mall. Ten feet inside the door, I had a panic attack."I can't do this, Daddy. Please, Mom."They looked at me. Daddy took charge.Right there, in the mall, with people walking by, Daddy lifted my miniskirt. He pulled my panties down as far as my garter snaps allowed. Then he stroked me to a humiliating, but seismic cum. My face was hot with shame. A few people looked, but thank goodness, no one stopped and stared.When I was finished emptying my pink bag, Daddy shook the last drops of cum off my sissycock, forum preteen photo pulled my panties up, took verycute preteen models my hand, and gently led a totally docile me to my favorite underwear preteen xxx shoe store.He made only one comment. "Milking takes out the wildness and calms you down.'He was right, as always.We made tons of dreamy purchases and I adored being out as a girl. Mom and I even used the ladies room together -- my first time. It was like living on the same planet, but in a different culture.The girls and women in the ladies room didn't give me a second look, which did wonders for my confidence. Mom and I giggled a little at me being there. It was so exciting. Mom was so pretty. Before I knew it, my "painful condition" was back. Mom took me into one of the handicapped stalls, pulled her panties down and sat on the seat. Oh. That was exciting me even more.I heard Mom's hot tinkle as she beckoned me to stand in front of her and pull my panties down. She had me face away from her, then entered my bottom with two fingers of her left hand. Oh. Her fingers were thinner than Daddy's. And softer. Her talon-like nails scratched that spot that Daddy always felt for in there. Oh. She reached around with her other hand and stroked my sissycock very nicely as her fingers rubbed and SCRATCHED my prostate. I whimpered and squealed and prayed that no one else was in the ladies room. I couldn't keep quiet though and could only muffle a scream when my goo spewed.Humiliation seemed to be the price I had to pay for some of my best ball-drainers. A fair deal if there ever was one.I sat to pee after that, drooling out my cum, then urine.Some ladies who were in the ladies room at that time and had not recently fallen off a turnip truck gave us disapproving stares as we emerged from our stall. But we giggled like sisters and took our time about fixing our make-up and leaving the room.As we cruised the mall, I saw a few kids I knew from school, but didn't say hi. They kind of looked at me with half-recognition, but it didn't click.One boy in particular, a football-playing junior named Brad-something gave me more than one onceover. He wanted me.The power of sissyhood!The last store we went to was the best. It was a bridal store!!"Sweetie," Daddy said to me. "I've asked your mother to marry me and she's said yes."I looked at Mom and my eyes filled with happy tears. Hers were filled too. We hugged and I told her how happy I was for her. Then I hugged my wonderful Daddy. It was the happiest day of my life.I rare preteen pics choked a bit at the next revelation, however."Caroline," Mom said. "I want you to be my maid of honor."Oh! How wonderful! A beautiful dress on a wonderful day! Oh! What a disaster! Everyone we knew would see me as a girl! I could never be a boy again!But when I thought about that a second, that sounded awfully good too.Mom saw my thought processes and I think she also saw my acceptance of romania top preteen my future.Mom and I looked at some great dresses while Daddy made himself scarce. We knew, of course, that we would have to hit at least a dozen more stores prior to the wedding before we could make our dress decisions.When we got home that night, Daddy gave me a super, kissy milking before and after a delicious dinner, then he took Mom to their bedroom for a night of penetrating, screaming sex.As I listened to Mom moaning as Daddy took her to heaven the usual ten or twelve times, I decided to read a magazine. Daddy had been buying me the best magazines -- Tiger Beat, Mademoiselle, Ladylike. I saw that the new Seventeen was in. I lifted it and saw the strangest thing.It was an oversized comic book published by a company called Spermco and part of something called their "Young Lovers" series. The cover showed a black-and-white line drawing of two very pretty teenage girls in skimpy bikinis and very high-heeled sandals. They were drawn in exquisite detail by a very talented artist named "Teri." The girls, one of whom looked to be around 16, the other, my age of images preteen pussy 14, were standing by a pool outside a home, were made up beautifully and their pretty toenails and fingernails were buffed and painted to perfection. I had a big woodie just looking at them like that. legal preteens The title of the comic book was pictures nubiles preteens "Daddy's Darlings." That should have raised a red flag, as well as my sissy cock.I stripped to just my black stockings and got on my back on my bed. Then I opened the comic book.In the first panel, the two incredible, sexy beauties walked arm-in-arm to the pool area. I turned the page. In the next picture, the older girl, identified little preteen ass as Missy, removed her top, freeing a lovely, dark-nippled set of B-cup beauties. The younger sweetheart did the same in the next panel, revealing an equally succulent pair.Oh, my. Little Caroline was drooling. Then Missy lay on a doublewide lounger, portfolio preteen model joined by her sister Karen. The two babes kissed and cuddled and then, on page 5, Missy pulled her bikini bottoms off, revealing a very nice, five-inch cock and a lovely pink, juicy bag of balls.That was VERY interesting. Maybe I wasn't alone in the world.Karen removed her skimpy bikini panties and displayed a four-inch, dripping dazzler as well! The two princesses, now wearing only their high heels, began to kiss and entwine. They stroked each other's cock and balls -- just like Daddy and I did. But they didn't cum. Why didn't they cum? No matter, I made a big cummy mess for them.Then I read on. Missy pulled back and said, "It's a good thing we broke off then, Karen. You know Daddy wants us to have full, creamy ball bags for him when he arrives.""You're right, Missy. We have the best Daddy in the world."I turned the page. In the next panel, Daddy arrived. He was tall and muscular and hairy. Like my Daddy! And he was naked, with a huge cock reaching for the sky. With heavy, dangling balls. Just like my Daddy!Unlike my Daddy, he was gruff. naturists preteen The girls, who were lying naked next to each other and flushed with arousal, looked as if they had been caught doing something wrong. underground preteen nudist Their Daddy said, "Have you girls been cumming without me?"The girls popped to their feet, their erections proud. "Oh no, Daddy," Missy said. "We've been warming each other up for you and telling each other how wonderful it will be when you make love to us.""Daddy" had a fake-mean look on his face and said, "You'd better be telling me the truth. I'll find out when I catch you!"This was obviously part of the game. The girls, their cocks tall and pretty balls swaying preteen panty models as they ran, squealed and evaded a rampant "Daddy." But they wanted to be caught and in the next panel, Missy and Karen were sitting on Daddy's lap. He was kissing them in turn and had one arm around each girl. They had all four of their hands on Daddy's cock and balls.In the next picture, Daddy was cumming all over his girls' hands. It was a flood of cum and the girls adored it. So did I. I made a spermstorm once again. Reading can be exhausting.Then things got very interesting.Missy said, "I'll clean you, Daddy," and got on her knees between his legs. Karen stood on her Daddy's thighs and fed him her cock and balls as her sister licked the cum off their father's cock and balls.The thought of doing that to Daddy slammed into me. And Daddy doing that to me! Was that why Daddy gave me that comic book? I hoped so.The comic-book Daddy really enjoyed licking and sucking his little girl's cock and before long her pretty face was scrunched up and she was cumming. The sperm was drooling out of Daddy's mouth and down his chin as little Karen squealed with delight. In the next panel, Missy was choking on the gallon of cum that Daddy was gushing into her mouth.The next three panels showed different angles of the cum flood. Then I made a cum flood of my own.I put the book down, turned off the light and fell into an exhausted sleep.The next morning at 8, Daddy woke me for my wonderful, morning milking.I smiled at Daddy as he stroked me so sweetly. He was naked and so handsome.Taking a deep breath, I seized the initiative.I sat up then stood up. Daddy was still seated on the bed. I was still only wearing my black stockings from the day before.I kissed Daddy, then sank to my knees in front of him.Daddy smiled blissfully, as if he knew what was next.I held his very excited monster in my soft, warm hands. I rubbed it all over. Then, for the first time, I kissed its pretty head. Daddy moaned. I hefted his huge balls as I licked the entire surface of his big mushroom, ending at the leaking peehole.I swirled my hot, wet tongue all around the sensitive surface preteen 15years of his manly cock, then smiled with pleasure when I heard his groans of lust.It had a funny taste, though. Then I figured out what it was. He had, after all, been fucking Mom half the night. Oh.Kissing, licking and finally sucking, I watched Daddy's enjoyment. Then, for the first time, my face was bathed email preteen porn in hot cum, straight from daddy's sweet fountain. Daddy cried out in sexual agony as he spurted his essence all over my willing face.Daddy pulled me to my feet, sat me on his knee and kissed me cummily and hungrily."You and your mother are making me happier than I thought possible, Caroline. I love you both with all my body and soul."Daddy looked funny with cum on his face, so I licked it off, telling 3d movies preteen him frequently how much I loved him. Then he had me stand as he fell to his knees.Daddy was sucking my cock! And ...oh...oh...he put a finger, no-two fingers into my bottom hole.Should such pleasure exist?Daddy made my cocksucking look like Tampa Bay Devil Ray stuff compared to his Yankee-quality fellatio. I was trying to learn from the experience, but all preteen model czech I could do was squeal and moan. Those fingers in my "dirty" were driving me wild. Being sucked and finger-diddled by the one you love is a beautiful thing.So was the way my balls emptied, nipples erected and body shuddered. I was wracked by a monster cum. preteen intercourse pix And every drop went down Daddy's throat.Something told me there were lots more pleasures to explore.Chapter Six -- A new ballgameDaddy bought Mom a two-carat engagement ring the next day and she nearly poked my eye out, she showed it to me so many times.Things were very good. And they only got better.I loved the new games with Daddy. Over the next three days, my face took preteen images free a dozen hot blasts of Daddy's cum. I know you're thinking, why didn't I just cover his big thingee with my mouth and suck it all down? I just really loved the submissive feeling of Daddy mastering me by glazing my face with his sticky, molten cream. It was like I was all Daddy's, you know? topless euro preteens And he could do anything he wanted with me. Ohhh. Just thinking that makes me painfully stiff.Daddy sucked me off more often than I sucked him. He really loved to make me cum and he sucked my juice down like a starving man. Then, every night at 9 p.m., he would go into the room he shared with Mom and fuck her silly. I made note of the womanly noises she made so I could make them with Daddy. I was dehydrated and exhausted when Daddy went off to pleasure Mom, so I was almost glad to see him go. At 34. Daddy was 20 years older than I, but he had the sexual stamina of a herd of bulls.That third night, after my introduction to the pleasures of the mouth on the penis, I was listening to Daddy and Mom seeking heaven. I was a little envious that Mom had a pussy and could take Daddy inside her. Oh how I would have loved that ultimate intimacy, but at that time, I thought it was beyond my reach.I decided to read a little before bed and picked up "Daddy's Darlings" again. I had left off at the part where Missy, 16, had just taken a huge load of her Daddy's cum into her mouth and all over her pretty face. Daddy had sucked Karen, 14, to an eruption and the three had laid towels by the pool so they could lie down. Daddy got on his back as Missy straddled his shoulders and fed Daddy her very aroused, very needy cock. Little Karen had scampered between Daddy's legs and was on her knees. I was certain that she was about to suck that big monster again, but what she did instead made me stiff and needy.The girls' Daddy had a massive ball bag -- hairy, wrinkled and fleshy, with huge, cum-glutted balls at the bottom of the sack. Just like my Daddy's. Instead of sucking her Daddy's cock, Karen began to lick the entire surface of his ball sack. The caption said, "Your balls need a nice, hot bath, Daddy!" The man's back was arched as he sucked his older girl. He was obviously enjoying himself.Karen was smiling as her wet tongue teased the paternal nut bag. When she took his right testicle into her sweet mouth and began to tongue and suck it, the poor man exploded. The drawings showed spurt after spurt of his baby juice leaping from his thick cock. In the next panel, a proud Karen is licking the accumulated puddles of hot cream from her Daddy's tummy.Eager to find out what happened next, I turned the page and saw only one more panel. An ecstatic Missy was pouring her sissiness into her Daddy's welcoming mouth. And the story ended! That didn't seem right. Looking more closely, I saw that the last several pages of the story had been removed. How odd.No matter. I went back to the pictures of the little sweetie sucking her Daddy's balls and my little cumsack preteen gay pthc erupted. I couldn't wait to try that with Daddy.I put the comic book down, pulled the sheet over my nightie, and went to blissful sleep.The next morning, as always, I awoke to Daddy's sweet attentions. I was lying on my right side and Daddy was on his as well, behind me. He was kissing my neck and stroking my sissycock very sweetly. He had two fingers of his other hand in my bottom and that made me start the day off better than if I had eaten a whole box full of Wheaties.Still, I needed protein for a balanced meal, so after some delicious kissing, I asked Daddy to sit on the bed and I would suck his beautiful cock.Daddy was very willing and things started off as they had for the past few days. Then I explored new ground.I gave Daddy's cock some nice kisses, licks and sucks until he was very excited. Then I abandoned his cock and focused on his balls.They were so big and nasty and manly. I adored them. I was honored that Daddy gave me free access to them.I licked the bottom of his sack between the two tennis balls. Daddy groaned. That was fun! I slurped and kissed and sucked and licked all over the lunch-bag-sized area, delighting in Daddy's excited reactions. When I heard a certain rumble in Daddy's gut, I stopped suckling Daddy's left testicle and moved rapidly to plant sweet kisses on Daddy's cockhead. Just in time as things developed, because Daddy blasted six big ropes of his thickest goo on my face and hair. As it dribbled down my chin, Daddy opened his loving eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back, through a glaze of goo."I love you, Caroline," my wonderful Daddy said."I love you, Daddy," I said. Then I kissed him, messily, but sweetly.Chapter Seven -- ForeshadowingWith those new skills in my lovemaking repertoire, things were even better. But wait, as they say in the infomercials. There's more.In the week since I had discovered ball bathing, Daddy had been showing me that he knew a lot about the subject as well. He had me frantically, helplessly ejaculating several times a day and I suspected that mine was not the first cock-and-balls set he had driven to sexual frenzy.No matter. You don't live past age seven without some baggage. In the end, what does it matter?I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. I knew that there were more things to learn and that daddy would teach me. Every day I checked my magazines to see if he had any more hints for me. Alas there were none.And then there were.Mom had been so happy in her life that it spilled over into her job performance. She had been promoted. I was very happy for her, but she had to go out of town for two nights to a training class, leaving me alone with Daddy. For two nights. Alone with him. In his bed. With him.Thank goodness I only had one day's warning or naked preteen nubiles I would have been frantic with excitement. The night before Mom left, she and Daddy went to bed at eight, since Mom would need an extra-special fucking... or tide her over.That left me alone in my room with my books and magazines and whoa...a new one! Another Spermco "Young Lovers" book. The new one was called, "Daddy, I'm Ready!"There were things in it that Daddy wanted to do with me. I knew it.I trembled a little when I broke the seal.Then I opened it.A boy of about 16 was leaving school. He was kind of a Brady type and seemed to be popular with the other kids. He got home and let himself into an empty, middle-class house.So tight preteens pic far, pretty normal.Then he went upstairs and stripped to take a thumbnail post preteen shower. I noticed that he had a nice, cut, average-sized cock and cute balls. I preferred men to boys, but my cock was stirring as I considered the possibilities, which is what good porn is all about.Things took a turn after he dried himself off. He shaved his legs and then even between his bottom cheeks. He powdered and perfumed himself, then put on a lacy, black bra, with sheer, skimpy panties, a pretty black garter belt and some naughty, seamed, black stockings. His cock had gained its full height and was stretching his panties to the limit. He completed his ensemble with a sheer, black peignoir and five-inch, stiletto mule sandals, in which he moved around in perfect comfort.That pretty sissy was arousing me. Again I was happy to see that I wasn't the only one of my kind. Then I t